Modern Warfare 2 has just launched. While many players have been able to load up the game and start grinding through the levels others have been stopped in their tracks by bugs and crashes.

One of the most common problems arising is the ‘MW2 Files Failed To Validate’ error for users playing on Steam.

In this article, we are going to show you how to fix MW2 Files Failed To Validate issue people have been facing.

Steps to Fix MW2 Files Failed To Validate Issue

There are multiple fixes to resolve this error. Follow the steps below in order. One of them should resolve your issue and get you into the game.

Fix One – Delete Left Over Beta Files

Some people are facing this problem because they have leftover files from the Beta still installed on their computers. Removing these has fixed the issue for lots of players.

  1. Navigate to the Steam Apps folder on your computer (Yours will likely be on “C:” drive)
Fixing MW2 Files Failed to Validate Issue
  1. Go to the common folder and delete any MW2 Beta files still in the folder.
  2. Reboot Steam and launch Modern Warfare 2

This method should hopefully get you in the game. If it doesn’t continue on to Fix 2.

Fix Two – Verify The Integrity Of Game Files

The next step is to verify the integrity of game files in Steam. To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click on MW2 in your Steam Library and select properties
  2. In properties navigate to Local Files
  3. Here select “Verify Integrity of game files”

This will then re-download any missing or corrupt files on your install. You should then be able to boot into the game without any problems. If the issue still persists check the next fix.

Fix 3 – Install Latest Drivers

If you haven’t installed the latest drivers for your graphics card, ensure that you update them. This could be causing issues as Modern Warfare is a new game and you have outdated drivers.

Go to one of the following links for your graphics card manufacturer and download the latest drivers:

Fix 4 – Check For Windows Updates

The next check is to ensure that your PC has all of the latest Windows updates installed. If you don’t it could be causing problems with your game launching.

  1. Navigate to the Windows Update tab and check for any updates
  2. If there are updates available complete them and restart your PC
  3. Load up Steam and launch Modern Warfare again

If you have tried all of these and nothing is working their is one last fix.

Fix 5 – Re-Install Modern Warfare 2

If none of the above has worked the last thing you can do is simply re-install the game completely. This is annoying as the game is so large but it may be the only way to fix any corrupt files not allowing the game to launch.

Go into Steam and in-install Modern Warfare 2. Once completely un-installed, re-download all of the files and install the game again. Hopefully this time the game will boot up for you.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully one of these fixes has resolved the MW2 files failed to validate issue and allowed you to get into Modern Warfare 2. You can start jumping into games and ranking up. Make sure to check our best Weapons in MW2 for the first week of launch.

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