Are you excited to jump into Modern Warfare 2 or maybe you have already jumped in but feel you’re getting outmatched by better weapons? In this guide, we are going to go through the best weapons in Modern Warfare 2 on Day 1.

We have also listed the attachments for the weapon and linked to the best loadout for that weapon as well. Use one of these and you will have an amazing experience in the early days of MW2.

While everyone else is figuring out what weapons to use, you can jump in with these overpowered weapons.

Meta Weapons In Modern Warfare 2

Going into Day 1 of Modern Warfare 2 these are the current best weapons in the game:

  • M4
  • Lachmann 556
  • FSS Hurricane
  • Lachmann Sub
  • FTAC Recon

Let’s take a look at the class setups for each of these weapons.

Best Weapons in Modern Warfare 2 – Assault Rifle M4

Best Weapons in Modern Warfare 2 - Assault Rifle M4

MW2 has a range of powerful Assault rifles but the M4 is one of the best weapons in modern warfare 2. The below setup has very little recoil and has high damage. Combine it with this class setup for a camping style of gameplay and you’ll be sure to drop some high streaks.

BarrelTempus Hightower 20″ Barrel
OpticCronen Mini Red Dot (Personal Preference)
MuzzleForge-Tac Castle Comp
Rear GripSupport CP90 Grip
StockCorio Precio Factory
M4 Best Attachments MW2

Best Assault Rifle #2 – Lachmann 556

Best Lachmann 556 Loadout

The Lachmann 556 is a great choice of Assault rifle early in the game. With the below attachments, it reminds me of the Grau from Modern Warfare. If you like it you will love running this set up.

BarrelLachmann Nova Barrel
MuzzleForge-Tac Castle Comp
UnderbarrelForge-Rac Ripper 56
GripLM Cronus Grip
StockLachmann S9 Factory Stock
Lachmann 556 Best Attachments MW2

Best SMG #1 – FSS Hurricane

Best FSS Hurricane Loadout

The FSS Hurricane is one of the most powerful SMGs in Modern Warfare 2 at launch. This thing absolutely shreds through enemies and is my favourite weapon for a run-and-gun class setup. The attachments below combined with this loadout will make an unstoppable rushing class.

BarrelFSS Cannonade 16′ Barrel
MuzzleXTEN Razor Comp
UnderbarrelPineapple Vert Grip
Rear GripXTEN Grip
StockDemo Quicksilver Collapsed
FSS Hurricane Best Attachments MW2

Best SMG #2 – Lachmann Sub

Best Lachmann Sub Loadout

The Lachmann Sub is the MP5 of Modern Warfare 2 and it’s a super powerful weapon. Again, if you love to run and gun and get into close-quarters, hip-fire battles, I highly recommend checking out this weapon with the attachments below:

BarrelL38 Falcon 226mm Barrel
MuzzleSA Schalldampfer 99
UnderbarrelVX Pineapple Vert Grip
Magazine40 round Mag
LaserFJX Ultrabeam XR
Lachmann Sub Best Attachments MW2

Best Battle Rifle – FTAC Recon

Best FTAC Recon Loadout MW2

The FTAC Recon is a powerful Battle Rifle in Modern Warfare 2. If you want to unlock the FSS Hurricane you will have to use this weapon. While not everyone likes battle rifles, this thing can do damage. Using the attachments below makes this weapon a one-shot TTK when getting headshots.

Barrel419MM EXF Barrel
MuzzleForge-Tac Dreadnaught Suppressor
OpticCronen Mini Red Dot (Personal Preference)
Rear GripXTEN Grip
StockDemo Fade Pro
FTAC Recon Best Attachments

Loving these loadouts? Let us know over on Twitter. If you have found any other weapon setups that absolutely shred in Modern Warfare 2 let us know.

Wrapping Up

Those are currently the best weapons in Modern Warfare 2 to choose going into Day 1. We will keep this list updated as more people have a chance to use the weapons unlocked at later levels in the game.

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