The Nintendo Switch’s Tabletop Mode can be a ton of fun: simply take the Joy-Cons off, open the kickstand, prop it up on a desk or coffee table, and start gaming! But, as you’ll soon find out, even a small breeze of wind is enough to bring your Switch crashing down.

Those who have no problem with the stock kickstand and just need a replacement can always pick one up from Nintendo. But, if you’re looking for something better, you’ll find some interesting and value-packed options in this article.

Top 5 Best Nintendo Switch Kickstand Replacements in 2022:

1. Nyko Kickstand

The Niko kickstand isn’t much different from the original Nintendo kickstand when it comes to design, but it aims to give more value. It’s built with metal, offers more color options, and comes three in one pack.

There are some downsides of this kickstand to keep in mind. First of all, they’ve advertised that it has a small slot for a Micro-SD card. Although it might seem like a useful addition, it’s not executed very well. It’s too small for this purpose and can end up damaging your card.

The installation process is the same as the OEM replacement: simply remove the pre-existing kickstand and snap this one into place. Overall, the Nyko kickstand serves its basic purpose quite well and adds a splash of color to your Switch too.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Three kickstands in unique colors available (purple, clear, and black)
  • Durable build quality


  • Micro-SD card storage can damage your card

2. COMCOOL Kickstand

If you’re fed up with your Switch kickstand falling ten times a minute and want a set-and-forget solution, the COMCOOL kickstand might work for you. Instead of a flimsy plastic hinge, this kickstand is built with tougher material. To prevent scratching the surface and allow for better grip, the bottom is also slightly curved.

What’s the catch? The installation process is not as easy as the Nyko kickstand. It requires the removal of the back plate of your Switch, which adds a level of complexity. But if you have the Philips and Tri-Wing screwdrivers, it shouldn’t be too hard. Reviewers on Amazon have left some useful tips and tricks to help you out too.

All in all, consider getting the COMCOOL kickstand if you want to upgrade from the original Switch kickstand and want something more tough and durable.


  • Durable and secure
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great build quality


  • Complex installation process

3. AmazonBasics Playstand

I’ll admit, the AmazonBasics Playstand isn’t exactly a replacement for the kickstand as much as an alternative. But, it’s a great solution nonetheless and could end up being more useful. Just set it on your table, place your Switch on it, and off you go. If you want to use it when going out, just collapse it and throw it into your bag.

With a form factor like this, airflow comes into question. Fortunately, the AmazonBasics Playstand comes with an opening in the back to minimize overheating. To help your posture and get the best viewing experience, you get three adjustable viewing angles.

Thanks to the gap in the support bracket beneath the Switch’s USB-C charging port, you can easily charge your Switch while gaming as well. To sum it up, this is a unique and valuable alternative to the tried-and-tested kickstands available in the market.


  • Being collapsible makes it more portable
  • Also works with phones and tablets
  • Allows you to charge your Switch during active use


  • No color options

4. Gravilogic Switchblades

If you’re looking for something that breaks the norm, you might want to check out what Gravilogic has to offer. You get two ‘Switchblades’ which slide into the console rails with an audible click sound. After that, integrated kickstands fold out of the Switchblades and let you prop up your Switch on any stable flat surface according to your desired angle of viewing.

Since these come in pairs, they’ve available in custom themes: Pikachu and Eevee, Aqua and Magma, and Galaxy. But, if you’re a minimalist, you can always go for basic hardwood or the Executive Edition.

Granted, they cost more than the usual options out there (ranging from $18 to $54), but they’re a class apart in terms of practical use and aesthetics. So, if you have the budget and you use your Switch in Tabletop Mode often, definitely consider giving these a try!


  • Unique design and form-factor
  • Can be taken off with a single finger motion when you want to switch back to handheld mode
  • Carrying bag included


  • Expensive compared to other options

5. HORI Compact Playstand

Being officially licensed from Nintendo, the HORI Compact Playstand is a more trusted choice compared to all the third-party options on this list. It might seem similar to the AmazonBasics Playstand, but it has a few benefits on top.

First of all, it’s bigger than the AmazonBasics Playstand. So, it can also be used with other portable devices like PS Vita or 3DS, smartphones, and tablets. In addition, it also has three distinct viewing angles: 30, 50, and 60 degrees. For gaming on the go, it also folds up.

In a nutshell, get the HORI Compact Playstand if you love to play your Switch in Tabletop Mode. With the freedom of charging it while in active use, you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay for hours.


  • Premium and sturdy build
  • Includes rubberized grips for stability
  • Holes to prevent overheating


  • More expensive compared to AmazonBasics Playstand

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Possible to Replace the Backplate of the Nintendo Switch?

If you’re willing to put in a few hours and are fine with voiding your warranty, this custom backplate from eXtremeRate is a good option. They’ve even made a video to guide you through the process here. It comes in a variety of colors like green, purple, and red. It’s a good way to completely revamp the look of your Switch and get a new kickstand.

Can You 3D Print a Nintendo Switch Kickstand?

Yes! If you have access to a 3D printer, you can develop a kickstand for yourself at a much cheaper cost. No need to design it yourself either, you can just download the STL files for 3D models available online for free. Here are some great models on Thingiverse by Coopey, andyleer, and SmokyFrosty.

Wrap Up

The kickstand might not seem like an integral component of the Switch, but it can influence your gaming experience significantly when playing in tabletop mode. Whether offering adjustable viewing angles or extra colors, these five replacements bring more value to the table compared to the Nintendo kickstand. Here is a quick summary of the list:

  • Nyko Kickstand
  • COMCOOL Kickstand
  • AmazonBasics Playstand
  • Gravilogic Switchblades
  • HORI Compact Playstand

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