Have you picked up a Steam Deck and love how comfortable it is to use? Maybe it’s just the perfect size for your hands and you want to use it to play games on your PC. You may also have a friend over to your house and only have one controller for your PC, in this case, you may want to use the Steam Deck as a secondary controller for your friend.

In this article, we are going to take a look at whether or not you can use a Steam Deck as a controller on your PC.

Can A Steam Deck Be Used As A Controller On PC?

Yes, the Steam Deck can be used as acontroller on your PC. The Steam deck can be connected to your PC using Remote Play. Using this your controller connects to your PC through a direct connection on your home network. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as connecting your Steam Deck using the USB-C port on the console.

In future, they may add this functionality but for now, it has to be connected through Remote Play.

The use of the Steam Deck as a controller was confirmed on the Steamdeck FAQ site.

Wrapping Up

So, now you know that your Steam deck will also work as a controller for playing games on your PC. If you really like how the Steam Deck feels in your hands and it is more comfortable than an alternative controller then this might be a good option.

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