Did you sign up for Streamlabs Prime but found that the service wasn’t of much use to you? Or maybe you just wanted to grab one of their cool themes and then cancel. Well in this tutorial we are going to show you how to cancel your membership so you don’t have to pay another penny for Streamlabs Prime.

How To Cancel Streamlabs Prime

Unfortunately Streamlabs do not make cancelling their Prime service easy. Obviously they want to do everything possible to keep you on their Subscription but their cancelation process is a little ridiculous. Let’s take you through it.

Step 1 – Go to Streamlabs.com & Open Settings

To cancel Streamlabs Prime you will need to open Streamlabs in your browser. Go down to the bottom left and click on settings.

Step 2 – Go To Manage Subscription

In settings go to Account Settings –> Subscriptions –> Manage Subscription in the bottom right hand corner.

Step 3 – Continue Cancelation

When you click manage subscription click on “Continue here” to go to the next step.

You will then see this screen below. This time click on cancel plan in the bottom left hand corner (It’s starting to feel like wack a mole at this point).

You will then see a screen asking for your reason for cancelling. Just select an option here, it really doesn’t matter which and click the continue cancelling button in the bottom right.

Yet again you will have to go through another screen asking if you’re sure you want to cancel. I’m pretty sure at this point you do…

This time you need to select the box to confirm you want to cancel.

Click continue cancelling in the bottom right hand corner.

Again on the next page we have to tick another box to confirm we know we are cancelling. Tick the box and click on confirm cancellation.

Finally you have cancelled you Streamlabs Prime subscription. That felt like a lot of work.

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Can I Refund My Streamlabs Prime Subscription?

Unfortunately most users who report trying to get a refund have said they were unable to get one even on the yearly subscriptions. If you have been charged it may be worthwhile emailing them on the off chance they give you one. If you are going to try I would recommend messaging their support as soon as possible after receiving the charge from Streamlabs.

Is Streamlabs Worth It?

Personally the biggest benefit I had with Streamlabs Prime was their Multi Stream feature which allows you to stream on multiple platforms like Twitch, Youtube and Facebook at the same time. This can be a good way to gain more exposure.

If you already have a theme and don’t need to use the multi-stream feature it’s not a service I would recommend picking up.

Wrapping Up

Well that was a lot of work but we got there in the end. Hopefully you were able to successfully cancel your Streamlabs membership.

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  1. Thanks! I will no longer support a company like Streamlabs. They already have my money but no more.

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