Discord is the most popular communication app for gamers. If you use it to chat with your friends there is likely times when you mute your mic. Maybe you are talking to someone in your room. Maybe you need to sneeze or cough.

If you have to tab out of your game, go in to the Discord application and manually click on the mute button every time you want to mute it can be a tedious process. What if there was a better way to mute yourself on Discord?

Well, if you’re on this article you already know there is. We are going to show you how to mute Discord with a button on your Keyboard, mouse or even Stream deck. Let’s jump in.

How To Mute Discord With A Button (Hot Key)

To add a mute button to our keyboard we need to use the Hot Keys function in Discord. Follow the steps below to add a mute button to Discord:

  1. Open the Discord application on your computer
  2. Click on the settings COG in the bottom left hand corner
How to Add a mute button to discord
  1. Scroll down and click on the Keybinds section on the left hand side.
How to Add a mute button to discord
  1. In this section we can create new hot keys for anything. To add a mute hotkey click on the “Add A Keybind” button.
  2. First we need to select out Action. Toggle mute will turn mute on when you click the button and will then turn it off when you click it again. Push to Mute will mute your mic when you have the key held down. Decide which one you want.
How to Add a mute button to discord
  1. Now in the Keybind section click on “Record Keybind” and click on the key that you want to use to toggle or push to mute. This can be a button on your keyboard, mouse or streamdeck. When you click on the key, you will see the input in the Keybind section.
how to add a mute button to discord

You have now successfully added a mute button to Discord. I personally like the use the number pad for my keybinds as I don’t use it for anything else. However, you may find it useful to use function keys or a button on your mouse for easy access.

Test your mute key to ensure it is working before jumping into a call. In the bottom left of Discord your microphone should change from muted to unmuted when you push your key.

How to Add a mute button to discord

Wrapping Up

You now have a mute key added to your keyboard or other device on Discord. You can easily mute your mic quickly if you need to. It is super handy to set up hot keys for Discord and other programs such as Streamlabs. It can save you a lot of time and make you much more productive.

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