The raid feature on Twitch is a great way to help grow your channel. When you raid other similar sized streamers there is a good chance they will raid you back. This helps to cross populate audiences and grow both of your followings. So, how can you raid someone directly from Streamlabs and do you need to end your stream after raiding? Let’s jump in and find out.

What Is A Raid On Twitch?

A raid on Twitch sends viewers from one channel to another. Lot’s of streamers “Raid” other streamers at the end of a stream sending all their viewers to that channel. This means that all of the viewers will be able to chat and follow the “Raided Streamer” easily.

Generally you want to raid someone who is playing the same game as you or at least a game in the same genre. There is no point in raiding your friend if you play FPS games and he is playing RPGs. Not many people are likely to stick around and no one benefits.

You should network with other streamers in your niche so you can raid each other and help each other grow.

How To Raid Someone On Streamlabs

Raiding someone on Streamlabs is simple from a technical stand point. Just type /raid [Channel Name]. Replace [Channel Name] with the name of the channel you want to raid.

When you click enter your viewers will be sent to the specified channel.

Do I Need To End A Stream On Streamlabs When Hosting

Yes, even if you host someone you still need to end your stream in Streamlabs. While your viewers get sent to a new channel your your stream will still be uploading to Twitch and the footage will still show in your Twitch VOD. Many streamers have made the mistake of not turning their stream off and they end up with some embarrassing footage on a VOD. Don’t let that be you. End your stream in Streamlabs even when you raid someone.

What Should I Do When Raiding Someone On Twitch?

Before you end your stream and raid someone, let your viewers know ahead of time. Tell them who you will be raiding and what to expect when they get there. When you eventually submit the raid, it’s a good idea to stick around for a bit in the streamers chat. This is a great time to network with the streamer and potentially build some rapport. This can lead to them raiding you in future.

What Is The Difference Between A Raid & Hosting On Twitch

The main difference in a raid and hosting on Twitch is that a raid sends the viewer to the new channel. When hosting another streamer their stream will play on your channel and your viewers won’t be directing to their stream page.

How To Host A Channel On Streamlabs

To host someone directly from Streamlabs you can use the /host command.

Just type /host [Channel Name] in chat and hit enter to host the users channel. This will display their channel to your viewers.

Is It Better To Raid Or Host?

Personally I would recommend raiding a channel if you want them to benefit more from the raid. People are more likely to convert into viewers and followers if they are sent to the streamers channel directly.

Wrapping Up

Now you know how to raid and host channels directly from Streamlabs. Don’t forget to turn off your stream when you are raiding someone if you want to avoid r/streamerfails.

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