Xbox consoles are exciting and fun to play with mainly due to their exclusive titles. Halo Infinite, Quantum Break, Forza Horizon 5, and Gears 5 are just a few of the titles that make the Xbox worth getting.

These games, especially Halo, are fun to play with friends online – with voice chat enabled of course. But why not elevate the fun by introducing a voice changer?

This time we are going to talk about how to use a voice changer on Xbox. It is a great way to inject laughter into your gaming sessions and if you stream, it could be a surprise to your community as well.

What You Need To Use A Voice Changer On Xbox

Xbox does not natively support voice changers. Otherwise, it would be in the Microsoft Store already. However, there are no repercussions yet if you want to use one.

But before we head on to the exciting part, you need to prepare these things first.

  • Xbox Controller
  • Headset with a detachable microphone
  • Extra audio cable with tips that has three rings. These rings are an indication that it supports left and right audio channels while working with a microphone.
  • Download a voice changer app on your smartphone, laptop, or computer.

There are a lot of things to prepare but it is necessary due to the lack of native support from Microsoft.

In addition, older Xbox controllers that do not have an auxiliary jack will need a stereo adapter. The adapter plugs into your controller and will provide the auxiliary input that you need.

How To Use Voice Changer On Xbox

There are several methods to use a voice changer on Xbox. Follow the corresponding method depending on your equipment.

Method 1 – Use A Voice Changer On Box Through Your PC

  1. Download Voicemod. It is a free voice changer that is popular among streamers and gamers around the world.
  2. Install Voicemod by following the instructions on their website.
  3. Plug your external microphone into the audio port of your computer.
  4. Remove the detachable microphone of your headset to reveal the mic input.
  5. Bring out an extra auxiliary cord and plug it into your headset’s input port – this is where the detachable mic is supposedly attached.
  6. Take the other end of the extra auxiliary cord and plug it into your computer’s auxiliary port.
  7. Install the chat pad on your Xbox controller.
  8. Plug your headphone into the chat pad.
  9. Open Voicemod
  10. Head on to the Voicemod’s settings.
  11. Select your headphones (through the chat pad) as the audio output.
  12. Select your computer’s microphone as the input device.
  13. Click on “Hear Myself” to monitor your audio.
  14. Lastly, turn on the “Voice Changer” slider at the bottom.
  15. That’s it! Go ahead and use a voice changer on your Xbox.

To put it simply, your external microphone from your PC will pick up your voice. The voice changer will transform it into your preferred voice through Voice Mod.

Your PC will then send the transformed voice from the PC to your headphone’s microphone input. The new voice will be detected as normal and Xbox will send it to your colleagues as regular voice input. In the end, they will hear your new voice.

This method is roughly the same as the other voice changers available for PC.

Method 2 – Use Your Smartphone And A USB Cable

This method works on Android devices only. Unfortunately, if you are using an iPad or an iPhone, this method will not work.

You also need to prepare your original charging cable and smartphone headset. Now, let us get started.

  1. Download a Voice Changer App from the Google PlayStore. For this example, download Voice Changer Mic for Gaming.
  2. Plug your smartphone’s charging cable into your phone. Connect your smartphone to your Xbox using the other end of the cable.
  3. Insert your headphones or earbuds into your smartphone’s audio jack.
  4. Open your smartphone then head on to the Settings menu. Scroll down to the bottom until you see the Developer Options.
  5. If you do not have the Developer Options yet, scroll down to About Device and then About Phone. Look for the build number then tap multiple times until it says that you have unlocked the Developer Options.
  6. Once inside the Developer Options, look for USB Configuration.
  7. Set USB Configuration as Audio Source to turn your phone into an audio input for your Xbox.
  8. Open the Voice Changer Mic for Gaming App.
  9. Open your Xbox and check if it detects your smartphone as the new audio input.
  10. Test the audio quality by joining arty chat and then modifying the values on your smartphone as needed.

Method 3 – Use A Smartphone And A Chat Pad

  1. Insert the chat pad into your controller’s USB port.
  2. Plug your headset’s audio cable into your controller’s auxiliary port.
  3. Remove the microphone of your headset to free up the mic input.
  4. Insert the additional aux cable to your smartphone’s audio jack.
  5. Insert the other end of the aux cable to your headset’s mic input port.
  6. Open the Voice Changer app on your smartphone.
  7. Once inside the app, select your smartphone microphone as the input source.
  8. Set the headset as the voice changer’s output.
  9. Get your controller and turn it on.
  10. Turn on your Xbox.
  11. Test the Voice Changer by opening a party. Speak and see if your voice changes.
  12. Configure your voice through the app.
  13. Have fun!

Method 4 – Use A Smartphone as Voice Changer Without A Chat Pad

This method is a great option if you are using an iOS device. The software required was previously available on Android.

  1. Download Robo Vox for iOS. This app was chosen because it works well despite not having a chat pad.
  2. Insert your 3.5mm aux cable into your controller’s audio port.
  3. Insert the other end of your aux into your smartphone’s audio jack.
  4. Open Robo Vox for iOS.
  5. Remove the microphone from your headphone to free up the microphone jack.
  6. Grab an extra aux cable and insert it into the microphone jack – the port where the detachable microphone goes into.
  7. Get the other end of the extra aux cable and plug it into your Xbox controller.
  8. Navigate Robo Vox then select your smartphone as the input device.
  9. Select your headphones as the output device.
  10. Have fun!

Method 5 – How To Use A Voice Changer For Xbox One

  1. Download UnicTool MagicVox for Xbox. Install the software.
  2. Open UnicTool MagicVox.
  3. Select a voice modification you like by right-clicking on the screen and clicking on Set Voice Changer.
  4. Open the Microsoft Store.
  5. Search and download the Xbox Console Companion.
  6. Connect your Xbox to your PC.
  7. Click on the Turn On option on MagicVox.
  8. Go back to your Xbox One then head on to the Settings menu.
  9. Select Voice Changer Virtual Device as your input method.
  10. Have fun!

Method 6 – How to Use a Voice Changer For Xbox Series X or S

This method is similar to method 5 for the Xbox One.

  1. Download UnicTool MagicVox for Xbox and install the software.
  2. Open MagicVox.
  3. Download the Beta Streaming App to your computer, install then launch the software.
  4. With MagicVox and Beta Streaming App open, it is time to configure your settings.
  5. Open the Xbox app then head on to the Settings.
  6. Click on Voice and Video Option.
  7. Select your microphone as the input.
  8. Set your headset as your output.
  9. Connect MagicVox by right-clicking on the MagicVox icon and then choosing a voice preset. Once you are all good with the voice, click Turn On.
  10. Have fun!

What Is The Best Voice Changer For Xbox

There are multiple voice changer apps available for Xbox today. But these are the ones we recommend.

  1. UnicTool MagicVox

UnicTool MagicVox is a popular voice changer for Xbox users. There are a lot of presets to choose from ranging from a robot, boy, girl, and others.

This app features a Create your Dream Voice mode where you modify the values to get the voice you desire.

Moreover, this app works with OBS and other streaming platforms. You may choose from a huge library of voices and prank your community and friends.

The only downside with this app is if you are a Mac user, you are out of luck. This app is not available for macOS.

  1. Voicemod

Voicemod is a free tool that is widely used by gamers and streamers. It is compatible with a lot of software and streaming applications.

Features include real-time voice change, voice adjustment tools, and effects, and optimized performance.

This app is also easy to connect to an Xbox.

  1. Clownfish

Clownfish is another excellent voice-changing tool that you can easily set up and use for your streams, social media, or just gaming in general.

This app is totally free yet includes a lot of features such as Avatars and Voice Filters. There are currently 14 voices available to choose from.

Another neat feature is the background music layer. You may activate this feature to add more audio depth whenever you are pranking your friends, family, or online community.

Wrapping Up

That is it for our quick guide. Now you know how to use a voice changer on Xbox. There are different methods mentioned above so do not forget to try and test what works smoothly. Do not forget to drop by our stream tutorial for more tips like this.

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