One of the most talked about features that players have been excited to try out in COD MW2 is its new and improved Gunsmith 2.0. Infinity Ward has made a ton of improvements to it and added a lot of new progression paths to it as well.

If you’ve been playing through the Call of Duty MW2 beta this weekend and finally unlocked the create a class option, you might be wondering; just how to unlock weapons in Gunsmith 2.0. We’ve made this in-depth guide to answer that very question for you. So, let’s get into it.

Call of Duty MW2 Gunsmith 2.0 [Explained]

Figuring out where all the weapon progression trees in the new Gunsmith 2.0 are hidden and how can players unlock all weapons in the game can often be a bit confusing which is why we’ve come up with this detailed, yet easy-to-follow guide. So, let us take a look at everything step by step.

Weapon Mods

Head on over to the Weapons section in the main menu and click on your Multiplayer Loadouts. Doing so will take you to a screen where you’ll be able to highlight any weapon and press a button to enter the Gunsmith.

The Gunsmith looks pretty much the same on the first page; providing you with options to mod the following components of your weapon of choice.

  • Muzzle
  • Barrel
  • Laser
  • Optic
  • Stock
  • Rear Grip
  • Magazine
  • Ammunition
  • Underbarrel
  • Receiver 

The Receiver [New Addition]

The newly added Receiver option revolutionizes the Gunsmith and allows you to change your weapon between an SMG, LMG, or a Long Rifle, all while staying on the same platform.

What this means is that; once you unlock an attachment for the M4, you’ll be able to use it across all of its variants. Since changing the receiver changes your entire weapon’s profile, this also plays a key part in how new weapons are unlocked and how you can grind for their attachments.

Customization Tab

This is the section of the Gunsmith where you can apply different stickers, paint jobs, decals, and charms on your weapons. Infinity Ward is also introducing Vault weapons this time around. Vault weapon variants will let you apply skins to each part of the weapon, allowing for greater customization like never before.

Unlocking New Weapons in MW2

If you click on the Progression Tab inside the Gunsmith 2.0 in MW2, you’ll be able to see a progression bar, with different weapons branching out at certain levels. And on the top right, you’ll be able to see the total percentage you have unlocked of that platform of weapons.

Zoom In to see an even more detailed breakdown of all the attachments and at what level will they unlock. You’ll be able to see that as you unlock a new Receiver / Barrel or Magazine type [platform attachments], a new weapon branch will unlock for you in the tree. Now, you’ll be able to use that weapon type as well.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many weapon types available in the MW2 Beta. So, players will have to wait for the full release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on October 28th to experience Gunsmith 2.0 in its full capacity.

Summing it Up

You can unlock new weapons in MW2’s Gunsmith 2.0 by grinding each weapon and unlocking more receivers for it. As you unlock more receivers, you’ll be able to switch your weapon type and use the already unlocked attachments on it since they’ll belong to the same weapon platform.

This approach makes unlocking attachments for similar weapons a thing of the past now. Players will now be able to unlock and mod the weapon of their choice with relative ease and less grind.

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