With the constant Internet drama with streamers and internet sensations, Pokimane has bagged the spotlight this time. The famous Moroccan-Canadian Twitch streamer and YouTuber is most commonly known for her League of Legends and Fortnite streams. She streams live video game content and rarely shares snippets of her personal life.

With curious eyes always watching, people speculated whether or not the Twitch sensation was single or taken.

No, Pokimane currently does not have a boyfriend. Although fans were quick to rumor that she and fellow streamer, Kevin, were dating, Pokimane herself has clarified there is no such relationship. She clarified this with a Tweet on March 10th, 2022 stating “Single btw, and I’m making it clear”.

This speculation arose after Kevin was invited to one of Pokimane’s live streams where she introduced him to her viewers. Keep reading to know all the details.

Who Is Kevin, Love Interest Or Friend?

Pokimane, whose real name is Imane Inys, has heard multiple rumors about her love life. The 26-year-old Twitch streamer and YouTube personality usually chooses to remain quiet about her personal life. This ensures her personal life stays personal.

But when co-streamer Kevin was introduced to the channel, Pokimane followers were quick to point out some sort of emotional connection. Following his introduction, the two were seen streaming together quite frequently, which only heightened suspicions about the two.

Although shortly after, Pokimane was quick to clarify that there was nothing going on between the two and she was still single.

For the most part, the streams both Pokimane and Kevin shared were reactionary videos where they reacted to other random videos on the internet. The bond the two showed accompanied by their compatibility and chemistry struck fires amongst her fans who are still curious as to what the status is between the two. For now, though, Kevin remains a friend and nothing more.

Why Was Kevin Different From Other Collaborations?

The main reason Kevin is viewed differently by fans is because of the moments the two shared on camera. During a live stream, Pokimane was discussing the topic of dealing with negative-minded or people with rude behavior, especially when one is sensitive.

On this note, Kevin advised her to do what she felt was in her best interests, supporting her decisions in the process. Pokimane proceeded to show gratitude and appreciation to Kevin for his advice, which showed fans a side of Pokimane they had not seen before.

This was the first emotional interaction viewers saw where Pokimane showed vulnerability. She had previously streamed with other Twitch streamers such as Mizkif but it was just video game content and nothing else. Even so, neither Pokimane nor Kevin ever hinted towards a commitment and that is what fans should accept.

The End Of Kevin

In January 2022, Pokimane asked her followers not to ask about Kevin anymore via tweet. This was later confirmed that Kevin would not be appearing on any more streams. She did not elaborate further but it was definitely saddening for viewers as they loved their streams together.

Will Pokimane Only Date Streamers?

There is no doubt that the no.1 female Twitch streamer is adored by many. Her fan following has a large portion of males who would do anything for the YouTube sensation. 

On being asked if she would date another streamer, Pokimane replied that she wants someone with social experience and the ability to interact outside of this virtual world, not someone on their computer all day. So if you want to try your shot, now’s the time.


Pokimane is currently not dating anyone, and neither does she have any love interests at the moment. Although she is extremely private about her life, fans would be quick to point out any change in her behavior. She tries to focus more on the content she produces regarding gameplay rather than indulging fans in personal matters.

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