Imagine you are on your couch playing Halo Infinite or Forza Horizon 5 and your Xbox suddenly turns off. It is pretty annoying, right? Unfortunately, a lot of Xbox users have reported that they experienced their console turning off while playing a game.

Now, we are digging into the reasons why an Xbox turns off while playing and its possible solutions.

What Does an Xbox Turn Off While Playing A Game

The most possible reason why an Xbox turns off while you are playing your game is overheating. Computers and consoles have a safety mechanism wherein it shuts themselves off if it reaches a certain temperature.

Faulty hardware is another reason why an Xbox turns off randomly. It could be the power supply, a faulty cord, or even the mainboard of the console.

How To Fix Xbox Turning Off While Playing Games

Follow these methods to fix your Xbox that turns off randomly while playing. This would take a lot of trial and error before finding the ultimate solution.

Let’s start.

Method 1 – Look for causes of overheating and have proper ventilation

The auto-shut-off mechanism of the Xbox turns off the device if it reaches a certain temperature. Some would say that above 80°C or 176°F is the threshold before the console shuts down.

If this is the case, you need to inspect your Xbox for signs of overheating such as burnt smell. You should also check the ventilation if it is blocked by dirt or dust that has accumulated over time. Clean it up using a blower if that is the case.

You may also inspect the Xbox by touching it while playing to determine if it is getting too hot. Move your ear closer to hear if the fan is moving or not. If you do not hear an audible fan and you feel like it is not working, it is time to bring your Xbox to the service center.

If there is no fan issue, then move your Xbox to a place with enough ventilation. Do not leave it standing in an enclosure or else the hot air will just circulate over and over again.

Method 2 – Inspect The Power Supply Cable

The power supply cable may be tough for regular use. However, it will fail due to stress such as overbending and wear and tear if you move your Xbox about a lot.

Bent and broken power supply cables would fail in transporting electricity from your outlet to the Xbox. Thus, the console shuts down immediately.

Speaking of power supplies, check the actual power supply unit as well. Inspect visually if there are any issues such as dents. Shake if there is a rattling sound.

Lastly, check the power supply (once the Xbox is turned on) if it gets excessively hot as well.

If there are pieces of evidence that your power supply cable is failing, replace it immediately.

Method 3 – Wall Outlet Issue

An Xbox draws power from the electric outlet through the power supply and to the actual unit itself. The power draw changes depending on the game you play. Heavier games consume more power since the Xbox needs to work harder for the best gaming experience.

However, there are instances where the wall outlet has an unstable flow of electricity. Sometimes it is not enough to power the Xbox through a heavy load.

You should also inspect the power strip that you are using. Make sure that all sockets are working and there are no signs of burning. Use a surge protector power strip if possible so that the flow of electricity is stable.

Method 4 – Reset Your Xbox Internal Power Supply

Another method to fix the issue is to reset the internal power supply of your Xbox. Follow these steps to do so.

  1. Remove all cables from your Xbox including the power cables.
  2. Wait for 10-15 seconds.
  3. Restore the power to your Xbox system except for the main console.
  4. Check the power supply if the voltage is enough.
  5. Once the light is orange or white and it is not blinking, insert the cable to the console.

Method 5 – Turn Off The Automatic Shutdown or Sleep Function

The Xbox has a feature wherein it turns off on its own if it is not being used. This is a neat feature that helps in saving electricity. But sometimes, this feature kicks in despite playing.

Turn off this feature and test it out by playing more games. If it still turns off, revert to the changes you did in the settings.

Method 6 – Perform A Hard Reset On Your Xbox

This is our last option since it will bring your Xbox back to its default state – similar to when you first opened it. Make sure to back up important save files if you are going to push through with this one.

  1. Head on to Profile and System.
  2. Navigate to Settings and then System.
  3. Choose Console Info.
  4. Click on Reset Console.

Wrapping Up

If your Xbox turns off while you are playing then you are in a challenging situation since the methods above are not 100% effective. It may or may not work since it is very situational.

The best thing to do if your Xbox continues to fail is to bring it to an authorized service center and have it checked by a professional. You might even get a replacement if it is under warranty.

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