With everyone working from home and Zoom becoming more and more popular, you may be wondering how you can improve presentations and calls by utilising Streamlabs.

If you work by day and stream by night you may have wondered if you could use the production quality of your streams on your conference calls by utilising Streamlabs.

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to use Streamlabs with zoom. You will be able to utilise multiple camera angles, transitions, alerts and more. Let’s jump into it.

How To Use Streamlabs Scenes On Zoom

First off you will need to make sure that you have the latest versions of Zoom and Streamlabs installed on your computer.

Step 1 – Open Streamlabs & Enable Virtual Camera

Firstly open up Streamlabs and go to settings. On the left hand side you will see Virtual Webcam. Click on this to open the Virtual Webcam settings. Click install virtual webcam.

When you click to install the Virtual webcam you will be asked for permissions by your computer. Accept these and install virtual webcam as an admin.

Step 2 – Start The Virtual Webcam

Once you have installed the Virtual Webcam you now need to enable it. Click on Start virtual webcam and Streamlabs will now show you that the virtual webcam is running.

You will now be able to open your virtual webcam in Zoom. Let’s jump over to Zoom and setup our preferences on there.

Step 3 – Enable The Virtual Webcam In Zoom

We now need to open up zoom and enable the Virtual camera as our main camera. Once you have opened Zoom go to Settings –> Video. Here you will see a selection for your camera.

Click on the camera drop down and select “Streamlabs OBS Virtual Webcam” and select HD.

The current scene you have open in Streamlabs will now be appearing as your camera in Zoom. You can now change and control cameras, scenes etc in Streamlabs and these will reflect in your Zoom camera.

You will now be able to join a Zoom call and utilise Streamlabs to control what is appearing on your camera.

My Camera Is Mirrored In Zoom

If you find that your scenes are mirrored in zoom and your participants cannot read your on screen text then you need to mirror your video.

You can do this by opening Zoom and going to Settings –> Video –> My Video and enabling Mirror my video. Your participants in your call should now see things the correct way.

Reasons To Use Streamlabs With Zoom

  • Be able to move between content across multiple monitors
  • Utilise multiple camera angles on Zoom by switching scenes in OBS
  • Allow you to have an overlay on your camera
  • More flexibility to customise backgrounds, Luts, camera quality etc
  • Allow you to use transitions on Zoom


Wrapping Up

You should now be able to use Streamlabs combined with Zoom to level up the production quality of your zoom calls. Your boss may even be so impressed you get yourself a small pay rise! Good luck with any presentations you take on using this method in the future.

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