When people visit your stream for the first time, they want to learn more about you. They want to know what games you play, some interesting facts about you and what setup you use. The first place they will check for this is your Twitch bio.

Having a strong Twitch bio is a good way for people to get to know you and quickly become familiar with your brand. In this guide, we are going to show you what should be included in your Twitch bio to make it as useful as possible for your readers.

What Should Be Included In A Twitch Bio?

Below are some of the main things that can be included in your Twitch bio. We will go into more detail about each of the items below. Keep in mind, that you do not need to include all of these.

Descriptive Bio – How To Write A Twitch Bio

Everyone should have an About Me section in their Twitch Bio. This section should give a quick overview of yourself and what your content is about. It should be:

  • Specific
  • Have a unique selling point on why people should watch you
  • Include stuff like your rough age, broad location, the type of content you like to make etc (Make sure not to reveal any information you are not comfortable with being online).

For example, if you play a game such as city skylines and are an architect in your day job, this is really interesting information that would draw a viewer in. You can give a unique aspect to the game as you have real-life experience. Here is an example bio you could use if this was your content type.

“Hey, I’m Tim and I play Building Simulation games while giving an interesting perspective as a real-life architect. I have worked as an architect for over 7 years and love applying my knowledge to city building games. You won’t find content like mine anywhere else!”

This can be applied to your content. Think about what is unique to you. Are you funny, extremely good at the game, a speedrunner? There is always something unique you can find about yourself that sets you apart from other streamers.

Potential Things To Mention In Your Bio

  • Your unique content angle
  • Any tournaments or notable achievements you have in games
  • Interests or Hobbies that make you unique

You can lay out your bio in text format which is completely fine or you can create your own graphic in Photoshop or Canva and add it to your channel description.

Stream Schedule

It is a good idea to have a stream schedule in your Twitch bio as this allows your audience to know when you go live. If you routinely go live on the same day and times each week, your audience will come to know when you are coming on and will be patiently waiting.

Just like TV shows back in the day, people would set aside time in their schedule to watch it when it aired. If you build routine into your stream viewers will do the same for your streams.

You can add a stream schedule to your stream with the Stream Schedule App.

Stream Setup

On Twitch people love to know what your setup is. Chances are, if you have a great stream setup, people will ask you what it is you are using.

By adding this to your stream description your viewers will be able to see exactly what gear you are using without having to ask in chat. You can also make some money from this list by utilizing affiliate links.

To use affiliate links you need to sign up to the Amazon Associates program. Once signed up you can add these links to your Twitch bio.

Social Media Links

When you are trying to become a social media personality you want to cross pollinate your audience across different social platforms. To do this on Twitch you can link out to your Youtube, Instagram, Tik Tok etc in your Twitch bio.

The best way to do this, is by using Twitch panels. You can create these yourself or purchase them from somewhere like Own3d.tv and customize the templates.

Twitch panels
Screengrab From Own3d.tv

Sub Benefits

If you are a Twitch affiliate or partner you are likely trying to get as many subs as possible on your channel. After all the more money you make, the better you can make your stream.

The best way to get more subs on your channel is to give them incentives for joining the channel. This can be unique emotes or access to a “Play with subs session each week”. You can come up with your own incentives but make it worthwhile for someone to become a subscriber.

Clearly listing these benefits in your Twitch bio allows people to see exactly what they will get, clearly below your stream.

Donation Button

If you want to accept donations as well as bits and subs on Twitch you can add a donation button to your panels in your bio. The best way to do this is by setting up a donation page on Streamlabs.

Once you have a page setup you can create a Donation panel that links out to your page. Viewers will then be able to donate through Paypal or Credit card on your streamlabs page.

If you want to incentivize more donations you can set up something like Text to Speech where users can donate a specific amount of money, to have a message read out on stream.

Bateson Donation Button From Twitch

Above you can see Batesons donation button or “Tip Jar” as he calls it. It is also good to add a similar disclaimer to your donate button such as the one he has used above.

If you have any sponsors for your channel, they will likely wanted to be featured in your bio. This will usually include a sponsor image that links to the sponsors website or product page that they are advertising.

These graphics and links are usually provided by the sponsor. You may also want to include links to any other products you promote. For example you may be an affiliate for G Fuel and want a banner ad for them in your bio.

Things Not To Include In Your Twitch Bio

When it comes to being a personality on the internet you don’t want to give too much information out online. You shouldn’t include anything from the list below:

  • Date of Birth
  • Home Address (Get a P.O. Box if you want to receive gifts). You may want to reveal broadly were you live such as: California. However I would not go anymore specific than that
  • SSN
  • IP Address (Avoid Leaking this from games, skype etc)

Wrapping Up

You now know what you should be including in your Twitch bio. Remember you do not need to include everything we have mentioned in the article. Just include what you feel is relevant to you and your stream.

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