NBA 2K23 is out, and streamers have seamlessly made their transition from 2K22 to the new version of the game. A lot of new and veteran players from the community have started to showcase their skills, competing and participating in different gamemodes to prove their worth.

We’ve chosen these streamers because of their engaging personality, the quality of their content, and what unique offerings they bring to the table. We’ve hand-picked a selection of serious, comedic, and aspiring streamers to concoct the best list possible. So, without further adieu, here’s our list of the top NBA 2K23 streamers!

Best NBA 2K23 Streamers


Kimani Tariq Kamiru-White is originally an NBA 2K YouTuber who is followed by a large community for his infamous reaction videos. A lot of his fans think that his stupidity is all just an ‘act’, but nobody tries to question it too much as they (we do too) find his personality extremely entertaining.

From the title to the outro of the video, everything is very decently planned out, which does make us wonder whether Flight really is putting up a show! If so, he’s the most entertaining genius we’ve ever seen!

Flight averages 8,846 viewers, peaking at about 27,000 viewers in July of 2020. He has definitely put in a lot of effort to stand out from the crowd with the crazy and enjoyable personality that he brings into his YouTube videos and Twitch streams.

You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and watch his streams on his Twitch channel


NaDeXe grew to rapid fame until he was banned in 2021, and banned once again a day before the release of NBA 2K23 for copyright infringement. As of now, he’s up and running, streaming alongside his friends.

He started his journey with a slow start until he was eventually able to one-up his content quality to garner respect in the community. Currently, you will find NaD on Twitch, enjoying NBA 2K23 with his friends as they playfully compete with each other.

Nas has had quite a few speedbumps, regardless of which he still manages to rack up 1,389 average viewers and has amassed a total of 190,000 followers on Twitch.

You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and watch his livestreams on Twitch.


Fanta or FantaSzn is a twitch streamer that goes on to play the game with the tips and tricks that he shows on his YouTube channel. His rise to his fame has been due to his impeccable skill.

If you’re looking to improve your game, you can watch how he plays throughout his matches, as he goes over both offensive and defensive tactics. You can even watch his YouTube tutorials. Practice everything he says, and you’ll get better at the game in no time.

Fanta’s recognition in the community has pushed him to more than 130,000 followers, averaging around 465 viewers. His streams are fairly chill compared to what you’ll be used to, as he likes to keep it simple without going overboard.

You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and watch his streams on Twitch.


Sharaz “Tyceno” Aslam is a famous NBA YouTuber and streamer that has practiced in his element for the past few years in the NBA 2K games. 

While he does play other games on his channel, as of recent, you will find him mostly heading onto NBA 2K23 to play high stake matches against his friends or to simply chill with his chat while dunking on the side.

Ever since his partnership with Twitch in 2017, he has racked up a follower count of more than 600,000 averaging at almost 3,000 viewers.

You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and watch his streams on Twitch.


Case can keep his game up against the opponent while casually chatting it up with his stream. He knows how to keep his audience engaged while making sure that the court stays in his favor.

His live community is medium-sized, and we bet he prefers it that way as it can be seen how much he enjoys talking to all of his followers. He has gained a total of 15,062 followers and averages around 506 viewers on his stream.

You can find him on TikTok, YouTube and watch his streams on Twitch.


Contrary to his name, Annoying (Otherwise known as Mario) is a very cheerful personality and one that has gained a decent amount of following on Twitch. His rose to fame began with NBA 2K montages and playthroughs on YouTube, after which he eventually shifted his focus to streaming and connecting with his audience live.

Currently, Mario averages about 3,871 viewers on his stream with a follower count of almost 700,000.

You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and watch his streams on Twitch.


Formerly a part of the Dedicated Forever gaming clan, Choc grew his audience based on his status as a gaming guru where he provided the community with NBA 2K gameplay videos and guides. His audience grew on YouTube to more than 240,000 subscribers, which he eventually leveraged to bring himself onto Twitch, quickly reaching a follower count of 30,000.

You can find him on Twitter, YouTube and watch his streams on Twitch.


ColeTheMan built himself as an influencer at a very young age. He loved being a part of the NBA community and branded the entirety of his career around these games. Eventually, he even made a team titled “The Witness”.

His success on different social media platforms along Twitch has provided him with a loyal fanbase that has found him appealing from his Let’s Plays and tutorial videos on YouTube.

You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and watch his streams on Twitch.


Scott Barnes is one of the more well-known and respected members of the 2K community, thanks to his wholesome personality and his time in the Toronto Raptors. He likes to engage with his fans by playing virtual basketball in NBA 2K. He has been in NBA 2K23 since launch day, grinding away his VC as he chats with his community.

It’s no surprise that during Scottie’s time on Twitch, he managed to get a total of 29,000 followers with an average viewer count of 242. It’s definitely fun seeing a real-life professional basketball player challenge the 2K community.

You can find him on Instagram, YouTube and watch his livestreams on Twitch.


Amier is primarily a twitch streamer. Currently, he has been working on producing content for NBA 2K23 on his Twitch stream. He averages around 265 viewers, but he still manages to keep every single one of them entertained with active interactions and even sing-alongs to song requests!

You can find him on Twitter, and watch his live streams on Twitch.

Wrapping Up

Twitch is a very fun way to consume live content from our favorite YouTubers. The lack of a filter, allows us to observe these personalities in a completely different light as we see them make mistakes in their playthroughs and do a few of their iconic moves that they’ve discussed in their videos. This list goes over some of our favorite streamers in the NBA 2K23 community.

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