Being able to express yourself is key to fully enjoying social networks such as Discord, and choosing a user banner that represents you and your interests is a great way to do just that! Your Discord banner is the 600 x 240 pixel image that other users see when they click on your profile. A plain Discord banner will look something like this:

You will need a Discord Nitro subscription in order to change your profile banner. You can edit your banner image by clicking the little pencil icon on the top right, which you will want to do if your goal is to better show your identity and interests to the people you interact with and the friends that you make. And more than that, personalized Discord banners just look a lot cooler!

25 Of The Best Discord Banner Ideas

You’re given the ability to change your plain Discord banner image to either another image or an animated GIF, both of which we will be giving you in our list. Of course, we will also make all of the banners we list the recommended 600 x 240 pixels for your convenience.

Now with all that out of the way, let’s get to the top 25 Discord banner ideas that you can use to express yourself better!

Dancing Minecraft Steve

We’re starting off with a funny banner of a character that anyone who has been on the internet would instantly recognize: Minecraft Steve! It’s a cute animated banner image that would show all your friends your interest in the popular game, while also showcasing your humorous personality.

Resting Guts

Next, we have a popular character who’s from a series that’s just a little more serious in tone. Guts from the manga/anime of berserk, widely considered one of the best mangas ever published, is resting leaning on a dead tree trunk in this banner image.

The artwork looks amazing on its own, but adding this as your profile banner would also undoubtedly get you a lot of “hey, you’ve read Berserk?!” comments whenever you join a new server.

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Cute Cat Paws

We’re back to light-hearted banners, with this cute and playful artwork of cat paws. This is great if you want to present your softer side, and while also expressing your love for cats at the same time! 

Dua Lipa Bubblegum

With this animated banner image of Dua Lipa, we’re going into pop culture territory. Being as gigantic of a star as she is, you’re bound to have every second new person you meet on Discord mention your banner image. Maybe you want to express your appreciation for her music, or maybe you just want to show your sassy side, either way, this would be the banner for you!

Plain Checkers

This seems like something of a curveball, sure. Hear us out though, a lot of people don’t necessarily want to express themselves or their interests completely for everyone to see on a social networking platform, but they also might not want to keep the default plain banner that everyone else has. So what do you do in that situation? Checkers! It looks classy, elegant, and mysterious, and just keeps people guessing.

Purple Lake

This is another very aesthetically pleasing animated banner image, this time of a pixel art lake. It’s an incredibly appealing gif to look at and would surely go great with a lot of color palettes if your user profile’s design is your priority. The serene presentation is both calming and powerful. Overall it’s definitely a great gif to have in your arsenal of Discord banners.

Naruto Vs Sasuke

Now getting back to anime, with this one being a show even your grandparents might recognize: Naruto! Featuring beautiful artwork depicting the title character himself alongside his equally well-known rival Sasuke, this banner is surely one that would appeal to any fan of anime. 

This, on Discord at least, is a huge chunk of the user base. The colors on the banner are fun and the scene it represents is iconic, everything is just right for this to be one of the coolest possible banners for fans of the show.

The Heart Part Five

Kendrick Lamar is another music artist who is renowned around the world for his talents and creations in the world of rap. Any fan of his music would recognize this image as a still from the music video of his latest track release “The Heart Part Five”, and the significance behind the track as well as the image itself would definitely attract attention in music circles on the platform.

Kratos And Atreus

A shot from a trailer of the highly anticipated upcoming videogame “God of War: Ragnorok”, this image depicts Kratos and his son Atreus meeting a mythical figure of huge proportions. Fans that are excited for this game’s release, with it being a sequel to the well-renowned 2018 game of the year award winner “God of War” will definitely want to rock this image as their banner.

Cool Animated Car

For all the gearheads out there, this gif presents an absolutely awesome-looking car that looks like it has its engine raring to go. The cool look of the car is complimented by the cool colors used to present it. It’s a very pleasant image to look at, and with it, you are sure to attract the attention of anyone with even a passing interest in cars.

Junji Ito Body Horror

Some might describe this panel taken from Junji Ito’s horror manga “Uzumaki” as horrifying or sickening, but we’re willing to bet that a much greater amount would say that it looks really cool.

On top of the artwork looking superb, this type of banner is exactly what a lot of people will be looking for to add to their user profile to depict their general interest in horror. It’s sure to get a lot of attention!

Sunset Beach

To cool off from the horror, here we bring to you a much more pleasant scene. The serenity basically oozes off this gif. Birds flying overhead as the sun sets on a pretty looking beach, this gif was practically made to be a Discord banner!

Playful Cat

We’ve all seen and loved this video of a pouncing cat online at some point in our lives. Well, it’s time to show your appreciation for it to the world! It’s a really funny gif of a cat getting ready to pounce before inevitably zapping out of frame, and you’re sure to have people bring it how cute it is all the time if you choose to set it as your user banner.

Ultra Instinct Goku

With the Dragon Ball franchise being as hugely popular internationally as it is, this was inevitable. And this frame of Goku in his new ultra instinct form will not only be nostalgic for those who saw the series as it was airing. 

Relaxing Rain Cat

Another very aesthetically pleasing pixel art piece that will surely appeal to many people’s tastes. The cat is looking out of the window towards rain, which for many can be a very calming and nostalgia-inducing visual. It’s a very cute and minimalist banner, and definitely won’t be too distracting for people when they check your profile.

Bunny Girl Senpai

The Bunny Girl Senpai anime was very popular when it first came out, and many still describe it as one of their favorite pieces of media with its deep themes and introspective moments. But maybe you don’t care about all of that, even in that case, this is just a really cute image to use as your Discord banner. You could even convince a significant other to match it with you, how romantic!

“I would have really liked…”

There aren’t many people who haven’t seen this year’s blockbuster film “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once”, and for everyone who has, this climactic scene will surely invoke plenty of emotion. On top of that, it’s also very topical!

Spirited Away

Of course, Miyazaki’s films had to make an appearance at some point in this list. Spirited Away is arguably his most exceptional film to date, definitely a fan favorite. The number of people you will find recognizing this exact scene from the film might come as shocking.

In any case, the retro art style paired with the pretty color composition in the background behind the characters makes this perfect to put up on your profile banner.

Sonic And Friends

Sonic the hedgehog has been a household name in gaming for a really long time now. The degree of this is reflected in how vastly the series’ audience demographic now ranges. As one of the most recognizable characters in the industry, if not all of fiction, having him as your profile will definitely have a few people want to start up a conversation with you.

Crying Luffy

Luffy from the manga/anime series One Piece is a beloved character with a large following. This specific scene of Luffy depicts him as distraught and sad after dealing with a very difficult personal situation (no spoilers!). It’s an iconic frame and one that you can use to depict your love for the character, or maybe even your frame of mind. Remember, Discord banners are all about expressing yourself!

Colorful Pop Star

This well-thought-out and meticulously crafted color scheme shown to represent the Latin pop icon “Rosalia” makes an image that can be universally appreciated by anyone who sees it. Not only will using this add a great amount of aesthetic quality to your profile but can also be used to express your more flamboyant side to the Discord masses. 

Zagreus Escaped Hell

This art is based on the world of the very popular roguelike videogame “Hades”, and depicts the protagonist Zagreus having reached his goal in the end and escaping hell. Although small, he can be seen at the bottom admiring the beautiful view. 

A banner like this would be great just on the merit of its art, but the addition that perceptive users will be able to recognize Zagreus near the bottom adds another layer of quality to it. You should use this image if you want to express your appreciation for the game without wanting to come off as too on-the-nose.

Visual Overload Skull

A haunting visual of a skull depicted with intense distortions that feel straight out of a horror scene, this gif can be used when you’re in the mood to spook your friends on Discord. Something they might appreciate, with Halloween just around the corner.

Spy x Family

Spy x Family is the wholesome slice-of-life anime that hit the masses in 2022. With a dedicated fan following, this charming banner showing most of the main and side cast can be a great way to show your love for this anime.

The Boys From The Boys

Amazon’s the Boys is one of the most exciting shows with new seasons still coming out. It gains more and more steam every time a new part comes out and is definitely now at the point where it can be considered mainstream. 

This iconic shot taken directly out of promotional material looks cool enough to excite anyone who’s seen the show. With all of the most beloved characters right here in one 600 x 240 pixel shot, why wouldn’t you want to make this your profile banner on Discord?

Wrapping Up

There is a vast amount of ideas you can use from this list, or perhaps take inspiration from when creating your own image for a banner. In the end, as long as you’re expressing yourself with your user profile, you really can’t go wrong.

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