The CoolStoryBob emote features Bob Ross. The emote is usually used when someone is talking about Bob Ross or “tells a cool story”. You will often see the emote spammed on the official Bob Ross Twitch channel which runs every weekend.

They run a marathon of old Bob Ross Recordings.

Bob ross is a painter who ran a show teaching anyone how to paint called “The Joy Of Painting” from 1983 to 1984. People loved Bob for his simple way of painting and his gentle soothing voice. Bob is well beloved across social media to this day.

Unfortunately Bob passed away on the 4th July 1995 but his legend lives on through Twitch, Youtube and the CoolStoryBob emote.

How To Use The CoolStoryBob Emote

CoolStoryBob is a BTTV or FFZ exclusive emote. If you want to use CoolStoryBob, you’ll have to have either one of those browser extensions. The streamer you’re watching also has to have PauseChamp enabled on their BTTV or FFZ account.

  1. You need to download either BTTV or FFZ browser extension by visiting one of their websites. Download the extension for your specific browser and install it. Refresh your page if you still can’t see CoolStoryBob.
  2. Click on the gear icon under any streamer’s chat box if you want to explore the additional features of the browser extensions. You can look through whatever feature you want to use and enable it there.

What is the origin of CoolStoryBob?

In 2015 Twitch hosted a Bob Ross marathon where they would play his old videos on the channel. Still to this day they hold a marathon every week on the Bob Ross channel.

The chat is usually full of happy chilled out people who just want to chat and have a good time. During the marathons people spam the CoolStoryBob emote in chat.

When Should I Use The CoolStoryBob Emote?

People usually use the CoolStoryBob emote in the Bob Ross channel chat. However you can also use it if someone is telling a “cool story”.

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