It’s coming up to Christmas again and that means it’s time to give your stream a nice Christmas theme. While my girlfriend had our Christmas tree up from the 1st November I wouldn’t recommend switching your theme that early. From the start of December you will start to see streamers switching up there themes to add a Christmas feel.

Below we have researched some of the best looking free and paid overlays for your Christmas streams. Let’s jump in and take a look.

Best Christmas Overlays For Streamers

Nerd Or Die Free Christmas Overlay Pack

Nerd or Die is one of the biggest overlay providers in the streaming space. They have created a pack where you can “pay what you want” with the minimum price is $0.00. The pack includes Animated Overlay with webcam, support bar and screen designs as well as some other cool features like a Snow Machine allowing you to add a snow effect to any scene.

If you want a simple pack with lots of assets you can use to create your own overlay this is a great option.

They also have a Free Christmas Alert pack which is great if you just want to add a Christmas feel to your already existing overlay. This also follows the “Pay what you want” model.

StreamElements Christmas Widgets

If you use Stream Elements on your stream they have a ton of great Christmas widgets which you can add to your existing stream elements overlay. The best place to check it out is on their blog where they outline all of the different features they have available.

When you sign up to Streamelements you get access to all of these overlay features inside their platform including:

  • Holiday SuperThemes
  • Holiday Alerts
  • Widgets
  • Holiday Hype Cups
  • Christmas Hats
  • Custom widgets Christmas Overlay has a fairly simple Christmas overlay which you can use throughout Christmas on your stream. This is the first paid overlay on the list coming in a $8.50 for the instant download or if you want some customisation $12.75.

They also have a premium version of the pack with a few more Christmas related assets.

Etsy Christmas Stream Overlays

Etsy is becoming a more and more popular platform to purchase stream overlays. A simple search for Christmas Stream Overlays brings up a ton of results. I would say that these stream overlays are a little more unique than some of the others above. If you want something that really matches your brand you’ll have a better chance finding it through here.

There is also lots of cheap packs for Snow overlays or stream decorations.

Gael LEVEL Christmas Overlay Pack

Gael LEVEL is a great youtuber who creates streaming tutorials. He has put together a full Christmas overlay pack. It includes some great looking Christmas overlays as well a snow overlay which you can add to any scene. The full pack only costs $2 on Gaels website which is really affordable.

You can also check out his video below where he explains how to use the pack.

Custom Overlay On Fiverr

If you want to really stand out from the crowd then Fiverr is a great place to get a completely custom overlay for Christmas. This means that you can add your own custom branding to the theme while still having a Christmas feel to it. There are hundreds of Fiverr designers who can create amazing stand out designs. Click here to check them out and choose one that matches the feel of your stream. You can then ask them to create a custom Christmas stream overlay for you at a reasonable price.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully you have found a stream overlay in here that you like, to add a Christmas feel to your overlay. It’s a great way to add a happy up beat Christmas feel to your stream. Enjoy streaming over Christmas!

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