Modern Warfare 2 is about to drop and Activision has just announced that there will be Twitch drops for the launch of the game. This means you will be able to get some free loot for watching Twitch Streams.

How To Get MW2 Twitch Drops

  1. Link your Activision ID & Twitch Accounts
  2. Watch any streamer that has drops enabled on Twitch from October 28th to November 6th
  3. Redeem the rewards from your Twitch drops page

Remember to redeem your rewards when you receive them otherwise they will expire.

When Is The MW2 Twitch Drops

The MW2 Twitch drops will run from October 28th to November 6th on Twitch. These drops will be available on selected streamers streams.

What Is Included In The MW2 Twitch Drops

Currently, there are four available drops during the MW2 Twitch drops event. You earn a drop for every 15 minutes watched of a stream. The four drops are:

  • Task Force 141 Charm
  • Calling Card Emblem
  • Skull with 141 knife in mouth sticker
  • Sniper Blueprint

Which Streamers To Watch

Currently, we are unsure which streamers will have drops enabled. You are likely to see most of the top streamers on launch day with drops enabled. We would recommend checking out NickMercs or Symfuhnys channel.

Wrapping Up

It’s worthwhile jumping onto a stream and grabbing these Twitch drops. You can just leave a stream open in the background for 60 minutes to claim all 4 rewards. Enjoy!

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